Doctors Practicing on Computers, Not Patients

October 25, 2016

Guest article by Blaine Todfield, 3DSystems

If airline pilots must log hours on flight simulators annually to be certified to fly, why do surgeons only do their practice directly on people?

It’s the core question at the heart of the medical simulation movement and it’s creating an evolution in medical practices worldwide: With better technology at hand, commercial entities as well as clinical subspecialties are now rapidly creating ultra-realistic virtual environments using 3D graphics, audio and haptics so that physicians can better prepare.

3D System’s Geomagic customers are leading this initiative:  In 2012 Geomagic OEM partner Surgical ...

Exclusive interview with iugu founder Patrick Negri

October 11, 2016

We are excited to announce that iugu, a financial infrastructure in the cloud that allows companies to be more efficient by automating the entire financial workflow, from receiving money from customers to the payments to suppliers will be a Gold Sponsor for the first Intercontinental Virtual +Live product discussion Product is a Universal Language .  The event will be held in Sao Paulo's Ace Campus and New York's Pivotal Labs  We caught up with iugu's founder Patrick Negri for an exclusive interview.


Tell us a little about yourself and your background

My journey as an entrepreneur began 19 ...

ProJet® HDPlus 3D Printer and CAD/CAM Software Accelerate Development at Macboot®

October 02, 2016

Guest article by Blaine Todfield, 3DSystems

For over 20 years, the leading Brazilian footwear company Macboot® has progressed along a steady growth- and achievement-based trajectory to distinguish itself from its competitors. Built on the human-environmental philosophy of its founder and current president Marco Aurélio Silva, Macboot has a history of sustainability that extends past many mainstream initiatives and which sets Macboot apart as an industry pioneer.

Paired with its sustainability efforts, Macboot has begun to incorporate advanced technologies in its design and manufacturing processes to enhance its products through innovation. These technologies have not only improved production, but improved ...

Why Now Is A Good Time To Start Your Government Business Strategy

September 27, 2016

Guest post by Jerry Pierce Jr.

The U.S. government is the world's largest buyer of products and services. Purchases by military and civilian agencies amount to nearly $200 billion a year, and include everything from data management and cloud services to corrugated boxes and cancer research. In short, the government buys just about every category of commodity and service available. Many companies here in the Washington DC area already focus their business on the federal government market place. Other companies have developed a balance of government and commercial business in their portfolio.  Having both a government as well ...

Life skills: from desirable to essential

September 20, 2016

Guest post Gera Venture Capital

 Questionings about the capacity of the current educational model to prepare young people for the modern world are becoming increasingly common. Despite criticisms to the prevailing system, it is uncommon to see reflections on the reason why it works this way. Understanding the origin of the status quo should be the first step to change it.

Developed for an Industrial Age, the current model maintains characteristics from that period. The calendar is based on the agricultural model, with free summers, perfect for a time when most students had to work during harvest. The industrial routine ...

What you need to know about exporting to Brazil

September 14, 2016

by Jack Torrance

The Rio games are all but over. But if you’ve not yet had your fill of Brazil then why not start exporting there? With patchy infrastructure and a big language barrier it’s not the easiest of places to do business but despite some recent economic wobbles it’s still a massive market of 202 million people, with the highest income per capita in the emerging BRICS economies. 

In the wake of the Olympics there are plenty of new opportunities (not least for pool cleaning companies...). But before you pack your bikini and make a date ...

The Brazilian Voluntary Disclosure Program Regulatory Highlights 2016

August 23, 2016

Guest Post Luis Felipe Baptista Luz, Partner, Baptista Luz Advogados

The Brazilian Voluntary Disclosure Program was named Special Program for Monetary and Tax Regularization (Regime Especial de Regularização Cambial e Tributária, “RERCT” or “Program”). It allows Brazilian taxpayers to voluntarily declare previously undeclared assets abroad (including cash and investments) obtained from legal activities, either transferred from Brazil or acquired abroad. Under the Program, the Brazilian government offers criminal and tax amnesty to taxpayers in exchange for the payment of a 15% income tax plus a 100% fine (i.e. total rate of 30%). Although some legislative flaws are ...

Challenges Brazilian companies face in the digital world and how to maintain a competitive advantage

August 17, 2016

Guest Post Marlon Luft GIMC

 The mobile came to transform markets, it is not new. An example is the way that we today call a taxi, like Uber , or even how to use banking services like Nubank . And this transformation is inevitable. So much so that companies that come up today, as is the case of startups, are already entered in this universe. And this is a matter of time for traditional companies to transform their operations to digital. However, despite being efficient and practice in Brazil is still difficult and, therefore, entrepreneurs and executives will gather at the Global ...

São Paulo Means Business 4 Ways Brazil’s Largest City is Building Nimble Startup Culture

August 16, 2016

Guest post by Matt Wright, Latin America Regional Manager, AngelHack

São Paulo is f*&%#@! huge…

That was the first thing I found out… After booking my Airbnb on the outskirts of the city, I began to realize how enormous this place was, and how much money I would be spending on UBERs during my stay. Along with that observation, I started to noticed a few similarities between this behemoth of a city and New York City. As you walk down Paulista Ave, you will understand what I’m talking about. With vast amounts of commerce, big business and massive ...

Education and Technology: closer than ever.

August 09, 2016

Guest Post Gera Ventures

“Pupils would record attendance and answer questions by pushing buttons. Special machines would be "geared" for each individual student so he could advance as rapidly as his abilities warranted. Progress records, also kept by machine, would be periodically reviewed by skilled teachers, and personal help would be available when necessary." This short passage was taken from an article in “Closer than We Think” magazine, published in May 19581 and entitled "Push-Button Classes". The desire to transform education through technology has always existed, but almost 60 years after Simon Ramo2 described the above ideas, classrooms are still ...


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