The Brazilian Voluntary Disclosure Program Regulatory Highlights 2016

August 23, 2016

Guest Post Luis Felipe Baptista Luz, Partner, Baptista Luz Advogados

The Brazilian Voluntary Disclosure Program was named Special Program for Monetary and Tax Regularization (Regime Especial de Regularização Cambial e Tributária, “RERCT” or “Program”). It allows Brazilian taxpayers to voluntarily declare previously undeclared assets abroad (including cash and investments) obtained from legal activities, either transferred from Brazil or acquired abroad. Under the Program, the Brazilian government offers criminal and tax amnesty to taxpayers in exchange for the payment of a 15% income tax plus a 100% fine (i.e. total rate of 30%). Although some legislative flaws are ...

Challenges Brazilian companies face in the digital world and how to maintain a competitive advantage

August 17, 2016

Guest Post Marlon Luft GIMC

 The mobile came to transform markets, it is not new. An example is the way that we today call a taxi, like Uber , or even how to use banking services like Nubank . And this transformation is inevitable. So much so that companies that come up today, as is the case of startups, are already entered in this universe. And this is a matter of time for traditional companies to transform their operations to digital. However, despite being efficient and practice in Brazil is still difficult and, therefore, entrepreneurs and executives will gather at the Global ...

São Paulo Means Business 4 Ways Brazil’s Largest City is Building Nimble Startup Culture

August 16, 2016

Guest post by Matt Wright, Latin America Regional Manager, AngelHack

São Paulo is f*&%#@! huge…

That was the first thing I found out… After booking my Airbnb on the outskirts of the city, I began to realize how enormous this place was, and how much money I would be spending on UBERs during my stay. Along with that observation, I started to noticed a few similarities between this behemoth of a city and New York City. As you walk down Paulista Ave, you will understand what I’m talking about. With vast amounts of commerce, big business and massive ...

Education and Technology: closer than ever.

August 09, 2016

Guest Post Gera Ventures

“Pupils would record attendance and answer questions by pushing buttons. Special machines would be "geared" for each individual student so he could advance as rapidly as his abilities warranted. Progress records, also kept by machine, would be periodically reviewed by skilled teachers, and personal help would be available when necessary." This short passage was taken from an article in “Closer than We Think” magazine, published in May 19581 and entitled "Push-Button Classes". The desire to transform education through technology has always existed, but almost 60 years after Simon Ramo2 described the above ideas, classrooms are still ...

The financial landscape is changing in Brazil

August 02, 2016

It was recently announced that eGenius Founders intends to allocate R$15 million to leverage technology startups focused on the financial market by the end of 2016. Since its launch in December 2014, the group has invested and developed two service platforms (Easy Carros and Singu) and two focused financial marketplaces (BeeCâmbio and F(x)).  Latam Founders caught up with Fábio Arruda, Co-Founder and Opperating Partner of eGenius to understand what the future of the fintech sector in Latin America looks like.

According to a recent study, 73% of millennials would rather handle their financial needs with a ...

Innovation in Latin America: The land of salsa, samba & startups

July 26, 2016

Guest post by Matt Wright, Regional Director Latin America AngelHack

When discussing global startup hubs, one cannot overlook Latin America. Yeah, there haven’t been many “unicorns” (startups that surpass the one billion dollar evaluation mark) emerging out of the region, and only a few cities have established a global presence in the tech world. Either way, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something brewing here.

In recent years, various governments and private firms have created incubator programs, co-working spaces, and tech events that have pushed innovation in the region and instigated local solutions for problems that lingered in ...

Exclusive Interview with serial entrepreneur Roberto Thiele

July 19, 2016

As the Managing Partner of Result Venture Knowledge International Strategy ABRoberto Thiele is an expert in helping expand network services providers (online and telecom) and a serial entrepreneur who has helped start 25+ ventures in Brazil.  In 1995, he founded Freenet the first free ISP, in 1999 co-founded PuraSorte, first online promotional digital currency venture, as well as 6 other companies and hasn't taken a break since!  We caught up with Roberto to understand how he balances it all and gain his insights into the entrepreneurial opportunities in Brazil

Since 1995 you have founded more then 6 companies ...

Why Technical Profiles Matter (and What ProgramUY is Doing About it)

July 12, 2016

Guest Post by Riley Maguire Director at Incubadora Sinergia, Team at PuenteLabs, Founder at ProgramUY

It is trendy to talk about entrepreneurship and technology. In Latin America it is no different. If you want to get an idea about how the buzz is building, just look at media coverage on a local level. Newspapers have dedicated sections to covering startups and technology, new podcasts and blogs in Spanish are popping up, and Hollywood movies glorifying entrepreneurs are being pushed in the streets and on the sides of buses.

Uruguay, like many countries around the world, wants to build an entrepreneurial ...

Finance as a Partner Recap

July 05, 2016

On Tuesday June 28th  Latam Founders hosted a breakfast discussion on Finance as a Partner featuring the most influential CFO’s in the industry including Art O'Keefe, CFO, Movile, Ben Gleason, Co-Founder, Guiabolso, Fernando Cymrot, CFO, Canal da Peça S.A., Marco Camhaji, CFO, Redpoint eVentures and Juliana Mello, Partner, Talengy.  It was a very informative and productive conversation, here are the key takeaways from last weeks’ discussion.

Role of the CFO

The role of the CFO has changed, in addition to handling the financial tracking and compliance as the CFO you are now called upon to facilitate ...

Roadmap for entrepreneurs, the 6 steps to become a better entrepreneur

June 28, 2016

Guest post by Rodrigo Teijeiro, Founder of RecargaPay

The first steps that runs an entrepreneur are essential to cement the pillars that make possible the transformation of an idea into a solid and profitable company.

The path of an entrepreneur is not easy; on the contrary, it is arduous and requires high dedication and, most importantly, love for what you do. As well as a long-term commitment this is a 10-year marathon, not a game of 12 months.

Successful undertaking is not random. The first steps an entrepreneur should take, and the most important are those that determine the survival ...


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